Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My letter to Baba from Johannesburg!

I have got a unique opportunity to write a letter to Swami about which I have never thought of atleast from Johannesburg. People on pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam (which is estimated to cross 3000 )during the end of this month are handing over a collage with hand written messages. Though HE can read our minds before we could pen down ,it would be one of those wishes of the heart come true when such a thing happens. The collage is named TellSai 2010. He has proved time and again that he is my supreme father and mother always guiding me from within and I consider this as a token of love from me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Books written by Sathya sai baba

Through "Sanathana sarathi" Baba has given valuable information to devotees. Those are the golden words. There are various topics covered under the vahini series
The best way to understand Him and his principles is to read the articles published in the journal written by Baba which are collated by prof.Kasturi

Prema Vahini - The Stream of Divine Love
Dhyana Vahini - The Practice of Meditation
Dharma Vahini - The Path of Virtue and Morality
Jnana Vahini - The Stream of Eternal Wisdom
Geeta Vahini - The Divine Gospel
Prashanthi Vahini - The Supreme Bliss of the Divine
Sathya Sai Vahini - Spiritual Message of Sri Sathya Sai
Prasnothara Vahini - Answers to Spiritual Questions
Sandeha Nivarini - Clearance of Spiritual Doubts
Leela Kaivalya Vahini - The Cosmic Play of God
Sutra Vahini - Analytical Aphorism on Supreme Reality
Vidya Vahini - Flow of Spiritual Education
Upanishad Vahini - Essence of Vedic Knowledge
Bhagavatha Vahini - The story of the Glory of the Lord
Ramakatha Rasa Vahini, Part - I - The Sweet Story of Rama’s Glory
Ramakatha Rasa Vahini, Part - II - The Sweet Story of Rama’s Glory

The links for individual vahini series pdf files are in the following website:


Dhyana Vahini is such a great article for anyone who wants to know about meditation.

His teachings on importance of Namasmarana/japam are good advises for people from all communities.


The answers given in Sandeha nivarani would fade away most of our day to day doubts in life.

For non-beleivers of Baba I am sure these articles will pass on the language and message of universal love. "Love is God" "Live in Love" are the messages from Him to all the human beings in this world!.

Jai Sai Ram!