Thursday, September 29, 2011

Almost a year later


It has almost been a year since I posted anything in this blog.Life has taken a 360 degree change. Our involvement has intensified more than what I would have dreamt of. Swami is kind enough to make us part of His mission especially my husband. His elevation in spiritual path is so surprising. The day when Swami was admitted in hospital he was offered the position of spiritual convener in the centre as the person who was in that position stepped down due to personal reasons. Srinath took over the position having only the experience of observing the happenings in the short time he involved actively. There were challenges in terms of special bhajans for Swami's health and later His passing away from physical form. He was able to overcome all odds and was managing things to the best of his abilities.

In the mean time the Chairperson of the Centre stepped down due to the pressure at work place. From nowhere Srinath's name was nominated and he was elected as Chairperson. The commitment he showed in whatever work he did earned him to lead Swami's mission. The leadership qualities which is natural in him and the good character he has are driving him well. Above all it is Swami's will and blessing that Srinath has climbed so fast in the ladder not only as a leader but as a good devotee.

I was called to assist as SSE teacher in the centre from January 2011. I attended the training sessions and with Swami's blessing I am part of the SSE wing as teacher of Group 3 children. I read a lot of materials and listened to Radio Sai programmes to share information with the children. I follow my regular appointment with Swami every morning.

With regards to my child, he wakes up however early we ask him to in terms of going to any early morning programme. Though he gets less time to play and enjoy like other children we don't have any regrets about it as he is in the company of good people and listens to good sound all the time. He has learnt all the mantras which even teenagers find difficult to pronounce and memorise. He is definitely a blessed soul to have born with Sai consciousness.