Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Faith factor

"Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death." Yesterday I experienced the truth in this quote in my dream. Let me first explain this dream. I and my husband were on a game viewing site. The place seemed to be a residential area. As we walked we reached a roofless building which only had walls and it seemed like an enclosed garden area. Before we could enter the gate of what seemed like a resting area/ garden I suspected that there could be cheetah or leopard. As we opened the gate we found a cheetah growling in hunger. I turned to the other side to look for cubs. As expected it had four cubs to feed. That moment I felt that either my husband or I would become their food for the daily. I wanted to save my husband and was ready to sacrifice my life. I tried to stroke the cheetah so that it would target me first and my husband could escape. It initially resisted and tried to catch my hand. We both did not feel like running for saving our lives. At this moment in time there awaited a surprise. The cheetah did not attack any of us. It quietly looked at us and calmed down. We were awestruck by the fact that a cheetah with four hungry cubs to feed did not attack us. From nowhere I had a feeling that it either saw swami in my face or Swami stopped it from attacking us.
The next scene took me to a bush in the jungle. I was hiding behind bushes to avoid lions during mid night. The next second I noticed that I was in fact sitting next to a huge shining lioness. I wondered how it did not attack and sat like a dog. I expected the lion would come anytime to attack me. The next instance a huge lion went past me without harming me. I felt so strange at the behaviour of these wild animals.
Third scene was about a cheetah that was roaming around my house and found the gate open. It tries to enter the compound. But it lied down right in front of the open gate. My heart pounded fast as I thought it might attack my neighbour or anyone else who passes by. But after sometime it vanished from the place. I also saw few rhinos which were used for safari like elephants. I saw the cheetah moving towards the other end of the jungle towards those rhinos.
What amazed me was the fact that I was put in situations where there were wild animals next to me. None of them attacked me. I felt that my faith in Swami saved me during that time. I felt there was some divine power that kept those wild animals unusually calm. Something told me that my faith in Swami has increased without me realizing it and it was an indication from Swami that the faith factor in me put the fear factor to death!..
Jai Sairam!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Almost a year later


It has almost been a year since I posted anything in this blog.Life has taken a 360 degree change. Our involvement has intensified more than what I would have dreamt of. Swami is kind enough to make us part of His mission especially my husband. His elevation in spiritual path is so surprising. The day when Swami was admitted in hospital he was offered the position of spiritual convener in the centre as the person who was in that position stepped down due to personal reasons. Srinath took over the position having only the experience of observing the happenings in the short time he involved actively. There were challenges in terms of special bhajans for Swami's health and later His passing away from physical form. He was able to overcome all odds and was managing things to the best of his abilities.

In the mean time the Chairperson of the Centre stepped down due to the pressure at work place. From nowhere Srinath's name was nominated and he was elected as Chairperson. The commitment he showed in whatever work he did earned him to lead Swami's mission. The leadership qualities which is natural in him and the good character he has are driving him well. Above all it is Swami's will and blessing that Srinath has climbed so fast in the ladder not only as a leader but as a good devotee.

I was called to assist as SSE teacher in the centre from January 2011. I attended the training sessions and with Swami's blessing I am part of the SSE wing as teacher of Group 3 children. I read a lot of materials and listened to Radio Sai programmes to share information with the children. I follow my regular appointment with Swami every morning.

With regards to my child, he wakes up however early we ask him to in terms of going to any early morning programme. Though he gets less time to play and enjoy like other children we don't have any regrets about it as he is in the company of good people and listens to good sound all the time. He has learnt all the mantras which even teenagers find difficult to pronounce and memorise. He is definitely a blessed soul to have born with Sai consciousness.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reply to my request!

Swami has replied to my request! The days after tell sai 2010 are clear indicators of how compassionate Swami is in granting genuine wishes. My prayer to Swami was to elevate us spiritually and make us involve in service activities. By Swami's grace we are able to attend bhajans almost every week. Srinath has started singing in bhajans as a lead singer and makes serious attempts to practice them umpteen times. We understood the schedule of the service activity our center does and by His grace we as a family are able to involve in it. Until recently my husband was not a sai devotee but he was not against Swami. He used to tell that he never had an opportunity to know Swami. I used to be in a delicate position to call him for bhajans when we were in India. Swami somehow gave me courage to request him about his willingness to accompany me when we heard of a center in Midrand. The change Swami has brought in his mind cannot be explained in words. Just like the water project swami has channeled us to a defined path.

Another important thing that needs mention here is about surrender. I have read about how surrender to Swami would help us mould ourselves but I never understood it until recently when it came naturally to me. Now Swami takes care of my daily routine giving doses of bitter pills on and off for my character building and how to look things from a broader perspective. I can say for sure He has brought in lot of changes in me and now -a-days I try to practice swami's non-violence principles. I could think of all those situations that would have inflicted pain on others and I apologize for those actions. But Swami tests me as soon as I feel that I have cleared the level.
Though I have not become successful in meditation, it has become a routine along with namasmarana. I have quit coffee and tea as per Swami’s advice and I no longer crave for them. I want the hard disk "athma" in me to remember only God when I depart this world and not any unfulfilled wishes or desires which would make way for rebirth. I strongly feel that I am satisfied with what God has given me and whatever future holds I surrender to Swami with the belief that He will take care of what is needed!

Jai Sai Ram.