Thursday, November 18, 2010

My way of looking at baba

Baba is always looked at as a man of miracles. I feel the miracles draw one's attention towards him. Once into the stream of Sai the development of self discipline improves. Thanks to radio sai. Now we are able to listen to the voice of baba. Listening of his discourses has become a mouse click away. The request He makes is to follow the principles and path He shows us. Swami says one need not run behind him. He would follow those people who listen to his words and act accordingly. Chanting mantras/ reading scriptures will not make one great. Doing service to the needy and society is equally important. He started his mission as a 14 year old boy without money in hand. Now the service he does to the society is enormous. He emphasizes that love is important to serve the society and not money. The transformation he brings in the minds of youngsters and educating them to serve the society is making me awe. One can be proud to say that they are students of God's own university. There is a peace revolution on progress in Prashanthi nilayam and among his devotees. The discipline is not imposed on the devotees. It is developed by the devotee himself that is why it lasts wherever they are. Swami says not everyone understands or asks what he has come to offer us. He says people ask for promotions, wealth etc., and those coming unto him asking for spiritual excellence is handful. I have felt people would spend time gossiping but not in introspection which is what Baba asks us to do. Swami says "I am God and so are you. I have realized it and want you also to realize it". Destroying hatred and developing love with everyone is his mantra to all of us. Only those who have developed a heart to heart connection with him can understand him. For such h2h connection one must try to become a better human being!

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